London to Paris Train Prices

Prices for Eurostar trains from London to Paris start at just �69 return. But getting tickets at these prices depends on when you want to travel, the class or type of ticket (Business, Leisure or Standard - see below), and also the flexibility you need for your journey travel times (the more flexible your ticket, the more expensive).

So for example, for the �69 price, you will need to book in advance a Non flexible return Standard ticket. See the info chart below to help you find the right ticket and price, and also see our Eurostar Tickets page for more info on the various ticket types.

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London to Paris Trains - ticket types or "Travel Options"

1. Business Premier Tickets - obviously aimed at the Business traveller. See Eurostar or our Business Travel to Paris page for more...

2. Leisure Select Tickets - aimed at those wanting to enjoy a comfortable holiday or city break with a little added luxury. For example a complimentary glass of champagne, comfortable seats and dedicated carriages, and fine food. See Eurostar for more details...

3. Standard Tickets - these are where many of the bargains can be found, but you will need to book in advance, choose to travel off-peak, and be specific about when you want to travel. See Eurostar for more details...

Eurostar Ticket Prices to Paris

Prices vary depending on how flexible you want to be about when you travel. There are 3 ranges of flexibility - fully flexible, semi and non flexible. So for example, for a Standard Ticket, the fully flexible prices are from �309 return, semi flexible from �250 return, and non flexible from �69 return. See Eurostar for more details.

It is also possible to purchase Standard tickets with special concessions, such as senior, youth, child, wheelchair user and companion. See Eurostar for more details.

For those wanting a brief Saturday night party visit to Paris, there is also the Night clubber ticket, starting at �50 return. See Eurostar for more details.

London to Paris Train Prices

To find the cheapest price and the cheap tickets, you will need to look for a few things when booking your London to Paris Eurostar train ticket:

  • Book well in advance
  • Book a Standard Class fare
  • Choose from the non flexible tickets, preferably a return ticket

For full details of ticket prices from London to Paris, visit Eurostar